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What Is The Solenoid Valve
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

Solenoid Valve is an automation infrastructure component with electromagnetic control for industrial equipment. It belongs to the actuator. The Solenoid valve is composed of an electromagnetic coil and a magnetic core, which comprises one or a plurality of holes. When the coil is energized or suddenly cut off, the operation of the magnetic core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off, and the purpose of changing the fluid has been achieved.

Solenoid Valve Working Principle

The solenoid valve is provided with a sealed cavity, and the through holes are arranged at different positions. Each hole leads to different tubing, the middle of the cavity is the valve. The two sides are two electromagnets which side of the magnet coil energized the valve body will be attracted to. Through the control valve moves to block the leakage or oil drain holes in different, and the oil inlet hole Shichang opened, hydraulic oil will enter the drain pipes of difference. The piston of the oil cylinder is driven by the pressure of the oil, and the piston drives the piston rod. By controlling the current of the electromagnet, the mechanical motion is controlled. According to the principle, the solenoid valve is divided into three types: direct action, direct distribution, the pilot. According to the structure, solenoid valve is divided into two types: diaphragm type solenoid valve and Piston type solenoid valve.

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