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The Disadvantage Of Inferior Filters
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

The Qualified Filters are to make sure the engines can work in different conditions by filtering the harmful materials and can be used in the standard service life. Inferior filters can not achieve the goal and will cause injuiry to the engines. There are several common harm:

--Manufacture the Filter Elements with low-price filter paper. The paper can not filter the harmful materials because of the large aperture, poor uniformity, low efficiency, leading to premature wear and tear.

--Use little and low-quantity adhesives with poor oil resistance. So that the filters can be firmly bonded, resulting in a short circuit filter stick. Another situation is using the staple on the joint. But that can not be sealed so it will casue a short circuit  and let large numbers of harmful materials go into engines reducing the lifespan.

--Replace oil-resistant rubber parts with ordinary rubber parts. In the using process, internal seal failure cause internal short circuit resulting in early wear and tear, life loss or expansion; or external seal deformation will lead to oil filter outside the sealing ring extrusion, a large number of short-term drainage engine burner, hold the shaft, suffered serious damage.

--The air filter housing is soldered by spot welding instead of seam welding. The sealant can be guaranteed and will cause the short circuit.

--Manufacture the central tube with thick material instead of thin material. Because of the lack of strength, result in the center tube suction bust, filter damage will plug the oil circuit causing insufficient engine lubrication. Or the filter mouth will be ripped because of the poor reliability resulting in a large number of oil leakage in a short period of time, resulting in burning tile, bearing shaft.

--Filter cover, the central tube, shell and other metal parts, not anti-rust treatment, resulting in metal corrosion impurities, so that the filter into a source of pollution. What is more, with cement instead of adhesive, the more harmful. It is therefore advisable for the user to be careful when replacing the filter. It is best to use the original accessories to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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