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The Harm Of Inferior Cabin Air Filters
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

1. The filter material of inferior cabin air filter is hard and often use the single filtration. That is easy to be plugged with poor ventilation.

2. The inferior filters always use the poor-quality bonding material, easy to be cracked and will descrease its lifespan. And the distribution of activated carbon is not uniform, so it can not effectively filter poisonous gas.

3. The inferior filters are poor in filtering dust and removing unfresh odor. It harmful gas go into the car and will demage your respiratory system, doing harmful to your health.

4. Poor-quality filters are easy to cause that dust and foreign matter accumulated in the evaporator, making the air in the car smell bad.

So it necessary to choose high-quality and efficiency Cabin Air Filters from Reliable and Professional Filters Manufacturer and Wholesaler.

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