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Types Of Solenoid Valve
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: May 02, 2017

The most common Solenoid Valve is the two-way valve. A two-way valve only has two ports, whereas more advanced designs may have three or more, depending on what it will be used for. All solenoid valves, no matter the design, are specified to be one of two general types: either a direct acting valve or a pilot operated valve.

1. Direct Acting Valves
In a direct acting solenoid valve, a coil magnetically opens the valve in a direct action, lifting the shaft and the seat of the valve without depending on outside pressure.

2. Pilot-Operated Valves
In pilot operated valves, the plunger opens up the pilot opening while built-up pressure causes the valve to open and close.

3. Two-Way Valves
Each of the two ports on a two-way valve is alternately used to permit flow as well as close it off. A two-way valve can be specified to be either "normally open" or "normally closed" in its operation. With a normally open valve, the valve remains open until some type of current is applied to close the valve. Suspension of the electrical power causes the valve to automatically reopen to its normal state. A normally closed solenoid valve is the most common, working in the opposite fashion, remaining closed until a power source causes it to open.

4. Three-Way Valves
Three-way valves come with three ports. These are commonly used when alternate and exhaustive pressure are required for operation, as with a coffee machine or dishwasher.

5. Four-Way Valves
These valves can have four or more port connections. Four-way valves are commonly used with a dual acting cylinder or actuator. In this version, half of the port connections supply pressure, and the remaining connections provide exhaust pressure. You can specify these valves to be either normally closed, normally open or universal.

Before purchasing a solenoid valve, be sure to do enough research to select the proper valve for your needs. Take note of what specifications will be required for the system, and consider what type of fluid will be used in operation. Also, take into consideration what type of material should be selected for the seals. Whether your equipment uses steam, gas, or air, selecting the right solenoid valve is crucial to its proper operation.

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