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Fuel Filter Performance Characteristics
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

If the filter is installed in the fuel line, are called External filter (External); On the other hand, the Internal filter (Internal) is installed in the fuel pump and fuel tank inside the filter. The fuel tank filter or its cases are generally considered to be free maintenance parts.

Many imported fuel filter (BanjoFITtings) using the drum tube connection. In order to guarantee the reliability of the connection seal, must not repeatedly use the same gasket, on the other hand, even with a new gasket, also need to test the connection after fastening sealing. When the fuel system need to change the "O" ring, must ensure that the specifications are all right, "O" rings and verify whether the elasticity and hardness of the ring.

No loop of fuel system is only an internal filter (inside the fuel tank), although this more than one (all - in - one) pump, filter, transmission unit is expensive, but when the fuel transfer blocked or engine performance declines because of this, must also be timely for proper maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, still need to check all of the fuel line fault and fracture in the hose clamp and edge conditions.

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