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Knowledge And Maintenance Method Of Automobile Air Conditioner Filter
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

The role of car air conditioner filter

Automobile air conditioner filter filter, also known as air conditioning main filter outside into the car from the car indoor air, the filter medium is mainly dust particles suspended in the air, adsorption of moisture in the air at the same time, peculiar smell, carbon oxide, etc., to get into the car indoor air clean pollution-free. Although the car air conditioner filter is to prevent the material into the car and pollution of air conditioning system, to provide a good environment and air inside personnel health. According to relevant study, usually car air conditioner filter for dust effectively intercept rate was 50% ~ 85%. In the face of changing atmospheric conditions, such as high and low temperature, moisture, such as hot wind, air-conditioning filter use after a period of time, will start to grow bacteria, dust mites and other harmful to human body. If owners want to keep their car interior a fresh air environment, and then have to clean or replace air filter regularly.

Master automobile air-conditioning filter maintenance cycle

Automobile air-conditioning filter in general; Service life of 15000-300 million km. But in the practical application or replacement cycle according to car indoor environment and the use of external loop. For example; Often forget to open in the harsh environment air circulation within the car, the air conditioning filter will soon get dirty. Suggest transport environment is bad, best can go to 4 s shop for every 5000 km check air-conditioning filter at a time, and be replaced or clean. As for regular cleaning maintenance work can at every time of oil change along with all the air filter.

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