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Fuel Filter Knowledge Popularization
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

Engine air, oil, fuel filter, the car have air conditioning filter commonly referred to as "four". Respectively for engine air intake system, lubricating system, fuel system, filtering the medium inside the air conditioning system.

Oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. The role of harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan filter, crankshaft, connecting rod, CAM shaft to clean the oil supply, turbocharger, piston ring, such as motion pair, lubrication, cooling and cleaning effect, so as to prolong the life of these parts. Although oil filter isolation with the outside world, the impurity in the surrounding environment is difficult to enter the engine, but there is still a impurities in the oil.

A, impurity is divided into two broad categories

1) one kind is engine parts wear in the running of added metal grain and oil, from the dust of the filler in contrast.

2), another kind is organic matter in black cement, this is the oil under the high temperature in the process of engine operation condition, due to chemical changes in the material. They make oil performance deterioration, lubrication is abate, and will stick to motor parts, increasing the resistance. And former metal particle will accelerate the engine crankshaft and camshaft in axle and bearing as well as the lower part of the cylinder and piston ring wear, the consequences are: the parts clearance increases, the oil demand increases, oil pressure drop, and the clearance between the piston ring and cylinder liner, engine oil is up to the top of the piston ring, cause burning oil, increasing the engine oil and carbon deposition is formed. Fuel or to the oil sump at the same time, make the oil diluted and engine failure. These are the machine performance is very bad, the engine smoke, serious loss power, force early overhaul. Renal function) (oil filter is equal to the human body.

Second, depending on the driving environment, it is recommended that the 5000-10000 km to replace oil filter

Air filter is carried out on the air purification device, which is composed of shell and filter, filter arranged inside the shell. Have all kinds of foreign bodies in the atmosphere, such as dust, sand, etc., they will accelerate the abrasion of engine, thereby reducing the service life of the engine. Sometimes tire belt slungshot, once in the engine, which can seriously damage the engine. Air filter can prevent this.

In order to increase the volume, the air filter shell are generally bigger, what many racing to design part of the frame into the air filter shell, to improve its volume. When the engine is running, intake is interrupted, causing vibration of air inside the air filter shell, if the air pressure fluctuation is too big, sometimes will affect the engine air intake. In addition, at this time will also increase the air intake noise. In order to prevent the intake noise, can increase the volume of air filter shell, in which some decorate the plate, to reduce the resonance.

Air filter in the filter can be divided into dry type filter and wet filter two kinds. Dry filter materials for filter paper or non-woven fabrics. In order to increase the air through the area, filter processing out many tiny wrinkle mostly. When filter light soiled, can use compressed air to blow net, when filter stained serious shall promptly replace the new core.

Wet filter using sponge polyurethane materials manufacture, pack it should add some oil, rub evenly with the hand, so that adsorption of foreign body in the air. If filter after stained, can be washed with clean oil, too dirty should replace the new filter.

If the filter blocking is serious, will make the air intake resistance increases, the engine power. Because of air resistance increases at the same time, also can increase the absorption into the amount of gasoline, mixing ratio too thick, so that the engine running condition worse, any increase in fuel consumption, also easy to produce carbon deposit. At ordinary times should get into the habit of regularly check air filter cartridge, depending on the driving environment, suggest you to change air filter a 10000-15000 km.

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