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Fuel Filter Installation Method
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

The first step, we need to prepare before the change, first of all to prepare for the original car models of fuel filter, next are ready to use tools, basically need sealing oil cup, red glue, tubing clamp, pliers, screwdrivers and other tools. We can't wear chemical fiber clothes also notice body, to prevent electrostatic discharge spark. Conditional word article on your wrist to the best ground of ground, this will prevent static electricity. After all, safety is first.

The second step, due to a pressure in the fuel oil system, in order to avoid injection or fire accident when removing filter, we are disconnected before the fuel line to release the pressure in the fuel system. When replace the fuel filter had better choose in the morning (under cold state) is better, because the oil pressure in the fuel system is small, less removing filter out of petrol.

The third step, to find the position of the car fuel filter first, then will be from the fuel filter on the mounting bracket will be pulled down. Will pick up below the oil cup on the tubing, and pliers pull down the disposable pipe hoop on both sides of the original.

The fourth step, the fuel filter oil inlet pipe of this place, then can fuel overflow pipe, introducing the oil inside the cup. After the small flow rate, the new filter as soon as possible to set of coupling and the oil inlet connected to, the other end of the interface on the temporary plugging (installing a fuel filter, want to distinguish oil inlet and the oil outlet, general oil outlet in the upper filter, oil inlet at the bottom of the filter, using the arrows indicate gas flow direction) on the filter. At the same time, the oil inlet of old filter to plug.

Step 5, pulled the other end of the old filter, access to new filter. Tight coupling with screwdriver, prevent leak. Put in a good fuel filter installation back in place.

Step 6, start the car, and idle for a period of time, if there is the phenomenon such as oil, fuel filter interface parts without indicates good installation, can be on the road.

If discover filter hose such as mud, dust, oil dirt caused by aging or cracks, need to change in time the hose. To ensure the safety of us.

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