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Fuel Filter Matters Needing Attention
China Everlasting Parts Co.,Limited | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

1, the general advice once every 15000 km to replace fuel filter.

2, change the fuel filter, or on the fuel system during maintenance, no smoking and the use of open flame.

3, if you need to use the lights in the process of maintenance and operation, then make sure use the floodlight is occupational safety standard.

4, replace the fuel filter should be carried out in engine cooler conditions, because the engine heat engine heat of exhaust fumes from the exhaust pipe can also put the fuel to ignite.

5, before replacing fuel filter, should according to the automobile manufacturers specified procedures to release the pressure in the fuel system.

6, inferior steam filter often leads to poor drainage, underpowered car even flameout. Impurities without filtering, time grew, oil and fuel injection system will also be corrosion damage.

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